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What is Architectural Lighting Design (ALD)

Many people I meet and introduce myself to as Architectural Lighting Designer react in pretty much the same way. Ah cool, sounds impressive, but what exactly is it you are doing? Good question. It is still very new as a profession (just about 20 years...).

Architectural Lighting Design is the lighting design to enhance architecture. To design the lighting in the way that people are guided throughout the architecture, that specific parts of the architecture are highlighted, that the light puts the visitor of the building into a specific mood when entering the architectural space.

It originally comes from theatre lighting. One day some architects thought, why not using this focusing and mood bringing lighting to highlight our architectural space the same way as the lighting in theatre focuses on the actors and the performances/acts. Making the architectural space an experience for the visitors of the building and the people working there, coming in and out of it every day.

Me, as architectural lighting designer, am very excited about designing the light for buildings, which are all so individual. There are always different challenges and strategies to illuminate individual buildings from residential, hospitality, exhibition spaces to commercial office and retail and outdoor spaces.

I hope you enjoy my very first architectural lighting blog and that it gives you a little bit more knowledge about what architectural lighting designers are doing. I am planning to blog more about its effects, different lighting ideas/strategies and as well technical background...

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Happy lighting :D

Sabi Kiesel

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