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Is blue light attractive or not?

We love the blue hour when daylight turns into blue mood and everythingturns into a soft blue tone before it gets darker and slowly the night comes in. Blue like the water or sky does have a nice calming effect.

Blue hour in London

The natural light turns from a warmer colour temperature into a cold colour temperature with about an avergae of 5500K on a sunny day or around 6500 to 7500K during an overcast sky around noon time. During the blue hour the light in the sky has a range from 9000 t0 12000K. Whereas the sun during sunset is in the colour around 2700 to 4000K. Looking into the sun in the evening activates our melatonin production in our body and we start to get naturally tired.

Great feel of natural blue sky hour and warm facade lighting

If we then start looking into artificial blue light or white neutral (around 4000K) to colder white colour temperatures (5000K and higher) when the daylight reached darkness, then the body suddenly feels activated again like naturally during the day and gets into production mode.

Tunnel with RGB light @ Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival

The blue light traveling through our eye then stops the melatonin production, which should help us getting tired abd preparing the body to relax. Especially the blue-ish bright light generated by TVs, laptops and smartphones when used at evening and night times make it hard for us to get into a deep sleep and we struggle to fall asleep or going back to sleep.

Blue Lights Installation @ Atrium Showroom

Also people's skin under blue light looks unhealthy or meat can look off under blue light, there is nothing attractive with this blue light effect.

However, blue light attracts our attention and so is used to create specific light effects and to change the feel within a space. Also blue makes a spae appear bigger.

Blue Light in a Space @ Clerkenwell Design Week

It is obvious that there should be a careful consideration when planning to use artificial blue light.

Happy Lighting!

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